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This happened in the early '70 ' s. I was a young soldier stationed in Germany, but had been in the south of England on a course. There was a time when it was safe to hitchhike to the soldiers in uniform. I had to see my parents to London for pandoratube the weekend was hitchhiking along the circle to the north in the afternoon of Sunday, a car stopped and he got into the driver was a middle- age 45, as with myself if he wanted to demand to see pictures of his girlfriend, so naturally I said yes. Comartment noted in the glove, I opened it, took a wallet, handed it to me, turning on the light of the cabin, I started searching. The images were of a beautiful woman in various stages of undress. When I saw him I felt my cock making it hard and said he would not mind to get, you should know that I saw pandoratube seemed to rub my cock through my struggles, because he was near, that his hand moved to my cock could take. He asked me if I go somewhere, so I meant well. He went on tothe M4, until he reached a series soon was parked under an overpass on a quiet road. It took took my penis out of his pandoratube trousers began to masturbate before I had me hard again. with the other hand, opened his own pants took my hand, reflecting on his tail with silver, which was prepared very hard this was the first time that I have another man's cock, he felt strangely moved. He gave us was suck my dick in her mouth on me, I felt so well known how to give a blow job. I was shaking his tail when he told me to stop sucking cock pandoratube sucking. I said I have never done before is good that you will soon learn, he said. so I put my head pandoratube in the crotch grabbed his hard cock in my mouth, I knew salty. Now he was jerking my cock hard, I do not think I had ever been so excited, he moved his hand from my cock in my virgin ass and I felt her fingers press against my hole, he told me to relax, n I felt his fingers reach me for the first time that trappedd my ass I sucked his dick, looked even more difficult, I took the head with his free hand as I felt his semen outbreak in my mouth. I was surprised, but most of it swollen, I knew salty, but I loved, I never had such a hurry as sexual. I felt a second finger in my ass poke him, he asked me if I ever had a cock up there, I told him no, he asked if I wanted to try, I said there were some who felt vasiline my ass ready for me in the back seat in my hands, knees, and when she is my hole agin lubricated his hard cock, put it in the hole, pushed back relaxed in my ass, he joined his cock in my first it felt strange like I needed a shit, but after a while it felt good when I was fucking my ass was jerking my cock, and I think has never been more difficult. It was not long before coming back seat now pandoratube came to me ass ready. rested a while, said he had enjoyed fucking ask me if we meet again, told let me be in London next week, he gave me pandoratube his phone number, driving ahead of me on pandoratube the basis I have lived, I called the next Friday we met except that this time was with his girlfriend, both of which fucking weekend, so I knew I was bi. I would try a few gay encounter long happy again, but at 56 I think, I can not get the chance. But we live in hope,
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